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How to Enter

During the Entry Period, visit courtesygiveaway.com and follow the links and instructions to complete and submit your video entry. Then, follow the directions to upload one (1) video to Potenza’s Sharefile account. The title of your video must be “Courtesy Giveaway Video – (School Name)” and no other wording in the title is permitted. The video will be hereafter referred to as your submission (“Submission”).

You may include others in your video if you have their permission or, if minors in their state of residence, the permission of their parent or guardian. If requested, entrant must be able to provide such permissions in a form acceptable to Courtesy Automotive Group. By uploading or emailing your Submission, you agree that your Submission conforms to the Official Rules and that Courtesy Automotive Group, in its sole discretion, may remove (or determine not to upload) your submission and disqualify you from the Contest if it believes, in its sole discretion, that your submission fails to conform to the Official Rules.


  1. Only students, groups of students, faculty and administrators from participating Lafayette, St, Martin and Iberia Parish Schools may submit a Submission.
  2. Each eligible student may only participate in one video per school.C. The Submission must be uploaded to Potenza’s Sharefile site as a .mov, mp4, wmv, or mpg file.
  3. The Submission must not exceed four (4) minutes in length, including any trailers or credits;
  4. The Submission title entry for your video must be “Courtesy Giveaway Video – (School Name)” and no other wording in the title is permitted;
  5. The entry accompanying the Submission must include the name, address, email address, telephone, and certification as to the consent of all participants and entrant’s exclusive ownership of all legal rights, title and interest (except Courtesy Automotive Group intellectual property) in all trademark, copyright, and any other intellectual property rights of Entrant in the Submission; and
  6. The Submission must be uploaded and received by Courtesy Automotive Group during the Entry Period.
  7. The Submission will be evaluated by Courtesy Automotive Group for conformity with these Rules and Regulations within three (3) business days of submission of the entry. The Entrant will be notified via email regarding the approval or denial of the Submission within three (3) business days of submission of the entry. In the case of the denial of the entry, the Entrant will be provided with an explanation as to the reason(s) for denial, and will be given one (1) opportunity to resubmit the Submission in conformity with these Rules and Regulations. Courtesy Automotive Group will only allow one (1) opportunity to resubmit the Submission. All resubmissions must be uploaded and received by Courtesy Automotive Group during the Entry Period.