Potenza Analytics

Vote Tracking and Validation

Votes are tracked via IP.  Often times large networks share the same IP address. This makes schools, cell networks, large offices, and other places on networks with shared IP addressees not the most ideal places to vote since IP tracking would count each network IP address as one vote preventing others on your network from voting.

Common Reasons Why You May Be Seeing “VOTED”
  • If you already voted that day on a video from your parish!
  • You are on a cellular network.
  • On a large office or public network.

So Why Track votes via IP?

We ultimately felt that having user registrations, connecting via Facebook, or other alternatives would limit the amount of participation. The only other technology alternative within the scope of our campaign is IP tracking.

Courtesy loves their local schools and community. This contest is a way to not only show people that giving back to the community is a part of their brand values, but specifically that education is important! Their hope is for as much engagement as possible. This engagement doesn’t just benefit Courtesy but the schools as well. Parents, teachers, and students have been actively campaigning for their schools. This a great way to bring attention to the needs of local schools.

Votes Updated Instantly

Utilizing current web technology (Ajax), votes are automatically updated without having to refresh the page. You will see an on screen confirmation of your vote and the vote button will change from “Vote Now” to “Voted”. This ensure your voters clearly understand their vote was counted.

No Rogue Votes!

Rogue votes from Search Bots could make it unfair. However, the software’s vote tracking prevents rogue votes from search engine bots and other common voting system interferences. IP Tracking allows the competition to be fair.